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acute (e.g. illness)
Revealing insight and intelligence.
In geometry, of an angle, less than 90 degrees.
(Of disease) Characterized by sudden onset of symptoms and short duration.
geometry: of an angle
medicine: of an abnormal condition
medicine: of a short-lived condition
orthography: letter with acute accent
Short, quick.
(geometry) Of an angle, less than 90 degrees.
(geometry) Of a triangle, having all three interior angles measuring less than 90 degrees.
(botany, of leaves) With the sides meeting directly to form a pointed acute angle at the apex, base, or both.
(medicine) Of an abnormal condition of recent or sudden onset, in contrast to delayed onset; this sense does not imply severity (unlike the common usage).
(medicine) Of a short-lived condition, in contrast to a chronic condition; this sense also does not imply severity.
(orthography, after a letter) Having an acute accent.
(orthography) An acute accent.
(phonetics) To give an acute sound to.

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