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A graphic that indicates follow-up action is required, or otherwise identifies an important item.
A piece of cloth, often decorated with an emblem, used as a visual signal or symbol.
piece of cloth
nautical: flag showing the presence of an admiral
nautical: signal flag
use of a flag
true-or-false variable
computer science: notation for optional behaviour
to mark with a flag
to signal to
computing: to signal
computing: to set a programming variable to true
plant with sword-shaped leaves
lay down flagstones
(nautical) A flag flown by a ship to show the presence on board of the admiral; the admiral himself, or his flagship.
(nautical, often used attributively) A signal flag.
The use of a flag, especially to indicate the start of a race or other event.
(computer science) A variable or memory location that stores a true-or-false, yes-or-no value, typically either recording the fact that a certain event has occurred or requesting that a certain optional action take place.
(computer science) In a command line interface, a notation requesting optional behavior or otherwise modifying the action of the command being invoked.
(UK, puerile) An abbreviation for capture the flag.
To mark with a flag, especially to indicate the importance of something.
(often with '''down''' ) To signal to, especially to stop a passing vehicle etc.
(often with '''up''' ) To note, mark or point out for attention.
(computing): To signal (an event).
(computing): To set a program variable to '''true''' .
(intransitive) To weaken, become feeble.
Any of various plants with sword-shaped leaves, especially irises; specifically, Iris pseudacorus.
(obsolete except in dialects) A slice of turf; a sod.
A slab of stone; a flagstone, a flat piece of stone used for paving.
To lay down flagstones.

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