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A double-ended vessel, generally of stainless steel or other metal, one end of which typically measures 1 1/2 fluid ounces, the other typically 1 fluid ounce.
One who jigs.
A measure of 1 1/2 fluid ounces of liquor.
(pottery) A device for producing flatware.
(textiles) A device used in the dyeing of cloth.
(golf, dated) A wooden or metal headed golf club used to play low flying shots to the putting green from short distances.
An ingenious device used by fishermen to set their nets under the ice of frozen lakes. It consists of a plank of wood with an arm on it with a sharp metal tooth on the end of the arm. A rope is tied to the arm which, when pulled, propels the plank along the underside of the ice because the tooth catches the ice. Releasing the rope allows the tooth to sink away from the ice, and when the rope is tightened again, the tooth grabs the ice farther along, allowing the jigger to crawl along the underside of the ice.
(dialect, Scouse) (dated) An alleyway separating the backs of two rows of houses.
To alter or adjust, particularly in ways not originally intended.
(pottery) To use a jigger.
A person who fishes with a jig.

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