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In computer displays, a specific type of distortion characterized by the blinking on and off of random pixels that occurs when the microprocessor and the display hardware interfere with each other by attempting to use the computer's video memory at the same time.
The most common form of frozen precipitation, usually flakes or starlike crystals, matted ice needles, or combinations, and often rime-coated.
To fall from the clouds in the form of ice crystals.
Material composed of small ice crystals.
have snow fall from the sky
TV noise
collective precipitation
(colloquial) To hoodwink someone, especially by presenting confusing information.
(poker) To bluff in draw poker by refusing to draw any cards
(uncountable) The frozen, crystalline state of water that falls as precipitation.
(uncountable) A shade of the color white.
snow colour:
(uncountable) Electrical noise visible on a television screen.
(uncountable, slang) Cocaine.
(countable) A snowfall; a blanket of frozen, crystalline water.
(impersonal) To have snow fall from the sky.

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