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(obsolete except dialectal, Northern England, Scottish) The voice, now especially when loud or strong.
(obsolete) Speech, language.
That which is uttered; a prayer.
A word, command, bidding or direction given.
A promise, one's word.
An outcry, shout, or loud call; a clamour.
(archaic) a sound.
(transitive, obsolete) To speak; utter; describe; tell of; name.
(transitive, obsolete) To voice an opinion; vote.
(transitive, archaic) To vouch; speak up (for).
(transitive, dialectal) To bespeak.
(intransitive, dialectal) To talk; call out; shout; make a noise.
(obsolete) A time, occasion.
(obsolete) A set time; a date or appointment.
(transitive, obsolete) To call; summon; command; appoint.
(intransitive, obsolete) To alternate; take turns.

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